Haroldswick. May 2013.

I went on a couple of walks along the coast near where I was staying, on at dusk, the other, longer, during the day.

I went at dusk hoping to see otters, active around the turn of the tide (apparently). No otters, but a striking sky and a good walk along the shore.

DSC_4005 DSC_4000

Haroldswick – “Harold’s bay” (those Vikings again) – is a broad bay, bounded on the north east by cliffs leading to the Hill of Clibberswick, the Giant and the Horns of Hagmark. Clibberswick (a place rather than the hill) is home to a large deposit of mica schist, which is mined for use as talc (mica is derived from serpentine deposits).

Along the shore, the sea has cut into the cliffs forming deep geos; the sea has eroded the cliffs, leaving jagged stacks and natural arches.

DSCN6014 DSCN6007


DSCN6020 DSCN6022

DSCN6025 DSCN6030


No otters, but lots of Shetland ponies – which are very cute. And their foals, which are even cuter. There were few birds, though.

DSCN6002 DSCN6003

I could see the cottage I was staying in, in the distance.


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