Misleading Searches: You Can’t Always Get What You Want!

I have thousands of images stored on flickr – over fifteen thousand, actually. My photos get hundreds of views a day,sometimes thousands, and I am always interested to see which pictures have been viewed, and why. The flickr stats page gives the sources of views, both overall and for each picture viewed. The results often amuse me.

Yesterday, I uploaded some new pictures. Flickr seems to give a greater weight to new images in its search results. (I have no idea as to the actual algorithms, but often when I upload new pictures they get a lot of hits from searches.) This picture got the hightest number of hits yesterday: it was tagged with “nude”. I think the viewers might have been disappointed. Perhaps I should tag all my pictures “nude” just to troll the searchers – I’d get a lot more hits!


Close behind it were a series of pictures of Paul Booth and Ryan Quigley, two jazz musicians, that I put up recently. Because people were searching for “Paul Ryan”.

“Paul [and] Ryan”

My pictures of jazz musicians often crop up in some strange searches, and I wonder what the people who click on them were really expecting. Back in July, I took several pictures of saxophonist Tori Freestone, tagged with “black & white”, which I use for al my black and white images. They have been getting a lot of views from people searching for “Tori Black”, who is apparently a star within the adult video industry. I can’t imagine they were expecting my photos!

DSCF7263 bw v2
Not “Tori Black”

The most bizarre goes back a while, but it continues to amuse. It’s a black and white picture of pianist Dick Hyman at the Nice Jazz Festival in the late 1970s. People saw it when they searched for “nice black dick”…!

Nice 1976 1-03
“Nice [Jazz Festival] black [& white] Dick [Hyman]”


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