The Aurora Borealis (“Northern Lights”) from central Edinburgh. Early morning, 8 September 2017.

Looking out of the window as I was going to bed I noticed a green cloud and realised it was the aurora – there had been a lot of online talk of the possiblilty of a good aurora. It was the brightest aurora I have seen, despite the city lights. It was very active – I could see it move clearly, which I haven’t before. Lots of colours and lines. It was a classic auroral display like those in films from Iceland or Norway – but from the city.

These pictures were taken over the course of about an hour, 1am-2am BST. The brightest stars visible to the left of each photo are the Plough. The red lights visible on the horizon are the Craigkelly transmitter in Fife; the brightly lit building to the right of each picture is Chancelot Mill.

Fuji XE1. ISO 1200-6400, various exposures.












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