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Inside Rosslyn Chapel: Reworked. April 2009.

Visitors to Rosslyn Chapel are not allowed to take photographs, but at an event seven years ago I was given permission to take whatever pictures I wanted. Following a visit last weekend, I decided to revisit the photographs I took then to produce some black and white images.

DSC_0187 bw2

DSC_0163 bw2

DSC_0168 bw2 DSC_0165 bw2

DSC_0193 bw2

DSC_0170 bw2 DSC_0171 bw2

DSC_0284 bw2 DSC_0285 bw2

DSC_0250 bw2

DSC_0169 bw2 DSC_0194 bw2

DSC_0283 bw2

DSC_0172 bw2

DSC_0293 bw2