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The Scottish LibDems’ Autumn Conference. October 2015

Malcolm Bruce.

DSCF4931 DSCF4924

Tim Farron.


DSCF4910 DSCF4890

Jeremy Purvis.

DSCF4879 DSCF4888

An Unidentified Delegate.


Willie Rennie.

DSCF4852 DSCF4848

Paul McGarry.                                                                               Hannah Bettworth.

DSCF4820 DSCF4834

Christine Jardine.


Alex Cole-Hamilton.


Selfie. Ish.

For everything that has been written about selfies in the last few months, one could be fooled into thinking that using oneself as a model is a new phenomenon. Of course, it isn’t: artists have been creating self portraits for centuries – perhaps, as I recall reading somewhere – because the artist is the one model always available, for free.

I haven’t taken formal portraits – of my self or anyone else – for a long time, but last week I needed to attach a photograph to a form; ages ago, a friend said that they thought my online avatar looked like someone wanted by the police.

So I set out to take a new self portrait, setting up the tripod and positioning myself against a plain coloured wall. The form required no shadows (nor any hint of emotion), and I used a flash for that.

But for the avatar, I was happy to switch the flash off and, lit from the window to the side, emphasise the shadow.

The avatar uses a colour version, but I have just thought of stripping the colour out to create a harsh black and white image, which I prefer. Derivative (Bailey, perhaps?), but I rather like it.

DSC_8414 bw